Schedule (2016)


9AM Team arrival + breakfast

10AM Keynote Speaker: Professor Claire White


Group 1: Princeton Energy Facilities Tour*

Group 2: Judging Panel  + "Multidisciplinary Energy Research" Workshop**

12:30PM Lunch


Group 1: Judging Panel + "Multidisciplinary Energy Research" Workshop

Group 2: Princeton Energy Facilities Tour

3PM Awards Ceremony + Closing remarks

*The Princeton Energy Facilities Tour will include tours of the Andlinger Center for Energy and the EnvironmentPrinceton Plasma Physics Laboratories, Princeton energy facilities such as the solar field and the co-generation natural gas plant, and sustainable research projects from Princeton lab groups such as the rammed earth spiral and the thermoheliodome.
**The "Multidisciplinary Energy Research" Workshop will include interactions with Princeton faculty and students about the energy research they are conducting, including hands-on demonstrations of research.