TentaTIVe Schedule

7:30 AM Team Arrival, Check-In & Breakfast

8:30 AM Keynote Speaker: Professor Claire White

9:30 AM First Round Presentations

Group 1: "Multidisciplinary Energy Research" Workshop

Group 2: Presentations to Judging Panel

11:15 PM First Round Presentations

Group 1: Presentations to Judging Panel

Group 2: "Multidisciplinary Energy Research" Workshop

12:55 PM  Lunch

1:30 PM  Graduate Students Panel

3:00 PM  Final Presentations

4:00 PM  Keynote Speaker: Thomas Hudson

4:50 PM  Awards Ceremony + Closing remarks

**The "Multidisciplinary Energy Research" Workshop will include interactions with Princeton faculty and students about the energy research they are conducting, including hands-on demonstrations of research.